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Funding Sources

Funding Sources : 

The University draws fund from different Government, Semi-Government and also from foreign agencies for the purpose of conducting research programme upon submission of projects from State Government, ICAR, DST&DBT, Govt. of India, CSIR, Indian Meteorology Department, CYMMIT etc. However, maximum fund is obtained from State Govt. All the RRS and RRSS are completely dependent on State Government fund. In addition to above State Govt. also extends fund support for research through ad-hoc projects on targeted research.

Budgetary Expenditure towards Research

Year (Rs. in lakh)
2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
 Plan 487.87 854.24 250.57 905.65 3388.38
 Non Plan 63.35 63.35 109.61 349.06 455.76
 Total 551.22 917.59 960.18 1254.75 3844.14

The ICAR provides 80% fund towards AICRPs and also through ad-hoc, NAIP and Mission mode projects against specific research programme.