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Research Organization

Research is one of the major three mandates of State Agricultural Universities apart from teaching and extension which meets the continuous growth under rapid dynamic changes in agriculture. The Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, although a new university of 10 years old but carries a long experience of further twenty years in the area of research before established as a full-fledged university. This helped the university develop a strong research base to cater the needs for development towards farming community. The organizational structure, approach, activities and accomplishment of the research directorate is delineated below:

Research Organization :

The primary goal of Research in the University is to generate technologies for increasing agriculture productivity and farm returns in consistence with the requirement of the state befitting socio-economic conditions of the farming community in a sustainable manner. For this purpose the UBKV is committed to generate technologies to provide continuous knowledge/information on improved management practices for agriculture and allied activities for accelerated growth and sustainable development in the field of agriculture sector in the state.

The University has a broad based research programme executred by the Regional Research Stations (RRS) and Sub-Stations (RRSS) spreaded over three agro-climatic zones where the scientists of various disciplines striving together to meet the research mandate.

Regional Research System of the University:

Sl. No. Name Location Jurisdiction Area
1. RRS, Terai Zone Pundibari Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri and Siliguri Sub-division of Darjeeling district and Islampure  sub-division of Uttar Dinajpur district.
RRSS, Terai Zone Kharibari
2. RRS, Hill Zone Kalimpong Three Hill Sub-divisions of Darjeeling district.
RRSS, Hill Zone Pedong
3. RRS, Old Alluvial Zone Majhian Malda, Dakshin Dinajpur and Uttar Dinajpur.
RRSS, Old Alluvial Zone Manikchak

Regional Research System:

Sl. No. Name of Agro-climatic Zone Location Status Mandate Priority Areas
1. RRS, Hill Zone Kalimpong Lead Centre
  • Development of Hill Agriculture through use of organic, horticulture, soil water conservation, IPM, IDM etc.
  • Organic production system development.
  • Structural Horticulture specially for vegetables and flowers.
  • IPM of citrus fruit fly, citrus die back and pest management of different crops.
  • Management of ginger rot.
  • Farming System Development with crop and non-crop enterprises.
  • Soil and Water Conservation, rain water harvesting.
RRSS, Hill Zone Pedong Verification Centre
  • Horticulture system development
  • Management of Die-back of Mandarin Orange
  • Orchids & flowers-development of multiplication technique and nutritional management.
  • Medicinal plants-standization of cultivation practices.
2. RRS, Terai Zone Pundibari
  • Improvement of plant genetic resources for stress resistant   tolerance breeding programme
  • Development of INM, IPM, IDM modules befitting critical diversified  farming system
  • Standardization/ Development of farm fishery technology
  • Enhancing biological processes for long term sustainability
  • Animal nutrition and management
  • Crop production technology for rainfed paddy, wheat, pulses.
  • Soil-water conservation.
  • Development of horticultural system.
  • Farming system development with fishery and livestock.
  • Development of micronutrient tolerant (Bo ,Mo) varieties of wheat, cole vegetables and bacterial wilt of solanacious vegetables and bacterial blight of wheat and rice, multi-pest resistant breeding of paddy, tomato, brinjal, mustard.
  • Formulation and validation of IPM on rice, mustard, brinjal, tomato etc.
  • Development of technologies befitting diversified pattern of aqua-system.
  • Conservation agriculture in rice-wheat cropping system.
  • Multi-storied cropping system for increasing productivity and enhancing biological processes.
  • Crop modeling based on crop- weather-pest disease complex.
  • Nutritional aspects of milch animal and fishery in a system approach.
RRSS, Terai Zone Kharibari Verification Centre
  • Rainfed farming
  • Increasing productivity of Rice based cropping system
  • Plantationcrop, pine apple and vegetable.
  • Formulation and validation of IPM on rice, mustard, brinjal, tomato etc.
  • Multi-storied cropping system for increasing productivity and enhancing biological processes.
  • Crop modelling based on crop- weather-pest disease.
  • Plantationcrop development on marginally productive land.
  • Standardization of quality pine-apple for export.
3. RRS, Old Alluvial Zone Majhian Lead Centre
  • Evaluation of native effective strains of micro-flora as potential bio-fertilizer/bio-pesticide.
  • Development of fishery in a system approach.
  • Farming system development
  • Crop improvement programme
  • Rainfed farming
  • Development of INM, IPM, IDM modules.
  • Animal nutrition and health.
  • Soil water management
  • Crop modeling based on crop- weather-pest disease.
  • Paddy-cum fish culture.
  • Development in-situ water-harvesing Technology.
  • Soil-water conservation through engineering measure.
  • Genetic studies of non-bamati local varieties of paddy.
  • Developing location specific module of farming system for small and marginal farmers
  • Animal management and pararitic control
  • IPM & IDM of paddy, mustard and vegetables.
  • Cultivation techniques for rainfed vegetables including potato, paddy, maize, pulses through resource conservation.
RRSS, Old Alluvial Zone Manikchak Verification Centre
  • Intercropping under orchard system, sericulture, quality mango production technique, arsenic problem, post harvest technologies, pest-disease management
  • Varietal replacement for export potential quality mango.
  • Introduction of BV-race of mulberry sericulture.
  • Arsenic free crop production technique.
  • IPM of paddy and vegetables.
  • Rejuvenation of old mango orchard