NIT Corrigendum Notice

Ref. No. 1151/UBKV/Est. (T&P-02)/2022-23 dated 07/12/2022, Tender Reference Number: Tender Ref. No.: UBKV/Est T/P-02/33/2022-23/2nd Call Date: 29/11/2022, The following Terms and Conditions have been added in the NIT as cited above:

1. Any Recurring Royalty due to patent/IR related issue will not be paid by the University.
2. The successful bidder shall have to provide a free trial (agronomy support) for a period of at least four months to run the project.
3. The agency who had participated in the NIT vide Ref. No. UBKV/Est T/P-02/20/2022-23 dt 27/09/2022 & Tender ID: 2022_UBKV_411049_1 and Technically disqualifiedshall not allowed in this Tender unless they have upgraded the technical credential or their specific product.

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