Corrigendum Notice after Pre-Bid Meeting of NIT No. 03 of 2020-21

Ref. No.:928/UBKV/Est./Tend (WD) dated 24.12.2020, CORRIGENDUM NOTICE AFTER PRE-BID MEETING Against Notice Inviting Tender For RKVY sponsored project on “ESTABLISHMENT OF A CENTRE OF FLORICULTURE PROMOTION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT FOR NORTHERN PART OF WEST BENGAL AT UTTAR BANGA KRISHI VISWAVIDYALAYA”. Reference: NIT No. 03 of 2020-21: Ref. No.: 614/UBKV/Est./Tend (WD) Date: 10.12.2020. • Last date and time for submission of bids: 13.01.2021 by 2.00 p.m.

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