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BSc Horticulture

The undergraduate programmes are of four years’ duration. The University offers three undergraduate degree programmes in the Faculty of Horticulture. Undergraduate programme under Faculty of Horticulture have been introduced since the before inception of the University i.e. from 2001 under erstwhile North Bengal Campus of BCKV in the year 1987.


Eligibility for Admission to Undergraduate Degree Programme:

  • Higher Secondary / Equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry & Biology with a minimum of 60% in aggregate. For SC/ST/PWD 50% in aggregate is the minimum eligibility criteria for admission to the undergraduate programmes.
  • Admission is being made on the basis of merit. Reservations of seats are maintained for SC/ST/OBC-A/OBC-B/ PWD as prescribed by the State Government time to time.
  • Beside these, reservations are also provided for WB Vocational Stream Courses, CBSE, ICSE and other Board, Hill student of Darjeeling district of West Bengal and ICAR Quota.


Allotment of Seats (Total Seats: 20):

  • WBCHSE Board: Gen-6, SC-3, ST-1, OBC-A – 1, OBC-B – 1, PWD-1
  • West Bengal Vocation Stream: Gen-1
  • CBSE, ICSE & Other Board: Gen-1, OBC-A – 1
  • Hill Quota: Gen-1
  • ICAR Quota: Gen-2, SC-1


Semester-wise syllabus for B. Sc. Horticulture:

First Semester

Course no. Title Credit
SSC-101 Introduction to Soil Science 2+1
GPB-101 Crop Physiology 2+1
PPT-101 Fundamentals of Horticulture 2+1
PPT- 102 Plant propagation and Nursery management 1+1
EXT-101 Fundamentals of extension education 1+1
PCP-101 Growth and development of Horticulture crops 1+1
VSC-101 Tropical and subtropical Vegetables 2+1
AG-101 Communications skills in English (NC) 1+1
AG-102 Physical education(NC) 0+1

Second Semester

Course no. Title Credit
AST-151 Fundamentals of Statistics 1+1
AST152 Elements of computer application 1+1
ENT-151 Plant parasitic nematode and their management 1+1
PPT-151 Tropical and subtropical fruits 2+1
PPT-152 Fundamentals of food technology 1+1
GPB-151 Principles of genetics and cytogenetics 2+1
PPA-152 Fundamentals of plant pathology 2+1
SSC-151 Introductory Microbiology 1+1
ECO-151 Introductory Economics 2+0
VSC-151 Water management in Hort. Crops 1+1

Third Semester


Course no. Title Credit
PPT-201 Temperate fruits 1+1
FAM-201 Ornamental horticulture 2+1
AST-201 Fundamentals of statistics- II 1+1
BCH-201 Biochemistry 2+1
ENT-201 Fundamentals of Entomology 2+1
GPB-201 Principles of Plant breeding 2+1
VSC-201 Temperate Vegetables 1+1
VSC-202 Potato and tuber Crops 1+1
AEN-201 Farm power machinery and renewable energy 2+1
AG-201 National Service Scheme (NSS) (NC) 0+1

Fourth Semester

Course no. Title Credit
VSC-251 Spices and condiments 1+1
FAM-251 Commercial floriculture 2+1
PCP-251 Plantation crops 2+1
PPT-251 Orchard management 1+1
PPT-252 Breeding of fruits and Plantation crops 2+1
PPA-252 Mushroom culture 0+1
FOR-251 Environmental Science 2+1
ENT-251 Insect ecology and integrated pest management including beneficial insect 2+1
SSC-251 Soil science-I 2+1

Fifth  Semester 

Course no. Title Credit
AGR-302 Organic farming 1+1
AGR-303 Introduction of major field crops 1+1
FOR-301 Introductory Agroforestry 1+1
ENT-302 Apiculture 0+1
PPT-301 Post harvest management of horticultural crops 2+1
GPB-301 Principles of plant biotechnology 1+1
PPA-301 Disease of hort. Crops and their management-I 2+1
FAM-301 Breeding and seed production of ornamental plants 2+1
VSC-301 Breeding of vegetable, tuber and spice crops 2+1

 Sixth  Semester

Course no. Title Credit
SSC-352 Remote sensing,GPS and GIS 1+1
EXT-351 Entrepreneurship Development 1+1
VSC-351 Seed production of veg., tuber and spice crops 1+1
FAM-351 Medicinal and Aromatic plants 2+1
PCP-351 Processing of horticulture crops 1+2
ECO-352 Horti. Business management 2+0
ENT-351 Insect pest hort. Crops and their management 2+1
PPA-351 Disease of hort. Crops and their management 2+1
FAM-352 Principle of landscape gardening 0+1
AGR-352 Weed management 1+1


Course no. Title Credit
EL-401 Experimental Learning 0+20



Course no. Title Credit
RHWE Rural horticultural work experience 0+10
IT Industrial Training 0+10

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