The geographical jurisdiction of the University comprises of agriculturally backward six northern districts under three distinct agro-climatic zones, namely hill, terai and old alluvial zone in West Bengal. Relatively high rate of illiteracy, higher concentration of SC/ST population, small size of holding and poor resource bases are the characteristic feature of this region. Despite of having natural advantages in the production of good number of fruits, vegetables, flowers, some of the food grain crops, oilseeds and pulses, the farmers are mostly inclined to retain their traditional cropping pattern due to unique socio-economic conditions as stated above. Therefore, development of human resources constituting the farming community and assure supply of inputs as technological back up have been identified as an important agendum towards transformation of agriculture to the desired direction.

The farm to an agricultural university is treated as laboratory to the scientists and students. The University farms, apart from regular teaching, research and extension activities, its vast remaining areas in 11 units distributed over North Bengal could have been utilized purposefully for farmers service through production of quality seeds and arranging farmers’ training under the supervision of scientists and technologists with the objective to take part in the process of transformation of agriculture in the area. However, till 2005-06 the university could not able to prosecute any organized optimistic programme at desired level. Service towards farmers was very limited due to poor resources in the farms. Farm structures and equipments/ machinery available with almost all farms were age-old, mostly dilapidated.  It therefore, required thorough renovation of the farm structures and construction of new ones wherever needed. This required sufficient fund support to utilize untapped potentialities for the betterment of farming community of North Bengal through skill development by training with fully back up technology through supply of quality inputs like seeds, planting materials, biofertilizers, bio-pesticides etc.

The opportunity has come to create facilities through implementation of Mega Seed Project from 2005-06 and farm mechanization programme sponsored by ICAR. State Govt.has also extended fund support for development of farm structure and boundary wall in the University.  University has been developed several infrastructure and procured a number of farm  implements towards for modernization of its eleven no of farms. 

University Farm – Area, Location and Mandate

Name of the Farm Location Area (ha) Mandate
Terai Zone

Seed production of paddy, mustard, jute, potato, dhaincha, lentil, lathyrus; slips of  nepier grass; seedlings and bio-prime  seedling of vegetables, arecanut; cuttings of black pepper; rooted layering of quava, citrus, sapotas; vermin and phospo compost culture; pineapple suckers; rhizome and corm  of turmeric and elephant foot yam respectively.

Terai Zone Pundibari


Cooch Behar KVK Pundibari


RRSS, Terai Zone Kharibari


North Dinajpur KVK Chopra


Hill Zone

Mandarin orange, ginger, orchid, anthurium, xerbera, gladiolus, medicinal plants and bio-prime vegetables seedling.

RRS, Hill Zone Kalimpong


RRSS, Hill Zone Pedong


Darjeeling KVK Dolopchand


Old Alluvial Zone

Production of grafting of mango and  litchi; seed of paddy, wheat, pulses, mustard, mesta, dhaincha; corms  of  elephant foot yam, bio-primeed seedling of vegetable, fish spawn and fingerling.

RRS, OAZ Majhian


South Dinajpur KVK Majhian


RRSS, OAZ Manikchak


Malda KVK Ratua



The Director of Farms is the controlling officer of the Farm Directorate. Who is responsible for administration, management and development of the University farms and function in close collaboration with Director of Research, Director of Extension Education and Deans of the college for smooth conduction of field oriented research,  extension and instructional programmes. The Director of Farms is assisted by four Assistant Director of Farms. Besides, sufficient number of supervisory staff designated as Agril. Overseer, Assistant Farm Manager, Farm Manager looking after the duty of field workers, have been attached with each of the eleven farms. All the farms have been equipped with adequate infrastructural and farm-equipment facilities however, the farm at terai zone, Pundibari and old alluvial zone have been provided with most modern facilities like seed testing laboratory, training hall, commercially viable seed processing unit with all necessary machineries to run a modern, mechanized farm. The office of the Directorate of Farm is located at the Central place of the farm at the headquarter at Pundibari. It is a double storey building which accommodate office and sitting arrangements of the officers and supervisory staff. The facilities with regard to infrastructure and farm equipments are furnished in following tables.

                    Under Mega Seed Project and farm mechanization programme funded by ICAR, the university farms have been modernized. The infrastructure developed and equipment procured towards modernization programme till the period of reporting  is furnished below:

Infrastructure developed for modernization during the period of reporting

Permanent Structure Name of Farm
Poly-tunnels Kalimpong, Pundibari
Green houses Kalimpong, Pundibari
Mist chambers Pundibari
Irrigation networking Pundibari
Installation of mini deep tube well Majhina, Pundiabri
Water reservoir & connection line and distribution channels Kalimpong
Electrical installation for tissue culture laboratory Kalimpong, Pundibari
Seed Processing hall Pundibari
Renovation of godowns for seed storage Kharibari, Kalimpong, Majhian, Manikchak, Pundibari
Renovation of existing farm structures, threshing floors etc. Kharibari, Kalimpong, Majhian, Manikchak, Pundibari
Farm shed construction Kharibari, Kalimpong, Majhian, Manikchak, Pundibari
Farm fencing Kalimpong, Majhian, Manikchak, Pundibari
Drainage channel Kharibari, Majhian, Pundibari
Land development (raising of land for Horticultural crops) Kharibari, Majhian, Pundibari
Seed testing laboratory Pundibari
Seed training hall Pundibari
Renovation/Extension/construction of Training Halls Kalimpong, Majhain, Pundibari

Farm Equipments procured for modernization during the period of reporting

Farm Equipments Farm Equipments
Seed grader with all attachment Seed gravity separator (Lab model)
Seed dryer (dehumidifier type) Hot air oven
Seed dryer Weighing system with control panel
Moisture meter (data logging) Illuminate purity board
Seed germinator (single chamber) Analytical balance
Computerised seed counter Temperature and humidity indicator (digital)
Seed blower (Dakota type) Face lifting of Tissue culture laboratory
Rice dehusking machine Power sprayer
Platform balance Foot sprayer
Automatic weging and bagging machine Tractor
Bag sealing machine Power-tiller
Seed sampling trier Rotovator Trolly
Table top balance Sprinkler irrigation
Seed precision divider Drip irrigation
Seed grinder Computer with accessories



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