button1 Revised Tariff/Rate chart of different Halls/Guest Rooms of UBKV

button1 Life Certificate for Pensioners :     শারীরিক ভাবে উপস্থিত হয়ে জমা দেওয়ার জন্য ক্লিক করুন        ||        দূর থেকে জমা দেওয়ার জন্য ক্লিক করুন

button1 Cost of Service Charges of Molecular Biology Laboratory

button1 List of Holidays – 2024

button1 List of Holidays – 2023

button1 Facilitation of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory under Directorate of Research, UBKV

button1 Application for E.L. / Half Pay Leave (Medical)

button1 Application for Child Care Leave (CCL)

button1 Application for Paternity cum Child Care Leave (PCCL)

button1 Order- Teachers’ Earned Leave up to maximum 300 days

button1 Teachers’ Directory – 2019

button1 UBKV Guide Book of Hostel

button1 Format and Guidelines for Processing of Purchase

button1 Application Format for participate Seminar, Symposium and Training

button1 Application Form for Student Scholarship of UG Students

button1 Application Form for Student Scholarship of M.Sc. Students

button1 Application Form for Monthwise Research Scholarship of Ph.D Students

button1 Application form for Scholarship for the students of Faculty of Technology

button1 Hiring charge / day (8 hr.) of Agricultural farm implements

button1 List of Forest Seedlings Raised by the Department of Forestry with all Assistance
              from the Horticulture Farm, UBKV

button1 High Precision Instruments available at UBKV

button1 Memorandum of understanding for the implementation of Ad-hoc Project.
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button1 Open Performance Report (OPR) for Non-teaching staff

button1 Lists of medicinal plant germplasm maintained at RRS, Hill Zone, Kalimpong

button1 Rate of Horticultural permissible and non-permissible products of farm section for 2016-17


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