Genetics and Plant Breeding

Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding


Dr. Soumendra Chakraborty, M.Sc.(Ag.), Ph.D E-mail: [email protected] Mobile: +919474092958; 7687815486 Dr. Soumendra Chakraborty


The newly born University (Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya) was initially known as the North Bengal Campus of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya at the Gram Sevok Training Centre (GSTC), Coochbehar from 1979 to 1989. During that period the department of Genetics and Plant Breeding was established as a founder department and in 2001, the campus was upgraded as the full fledged university by an act of assembly of the Government of West Bengal and the department as such was recognized as one of the nine departments under faculty of agriculture. The Department is equipped with laboratory facilities to cater to the academic and research demand at the Master’s and Doctoral degree programme.


To impart teaching in the discipline of Genetics and Plant Breeding and other allied disciplines for awarding B.Sc(Ag.), M.Sc.(Ag.) and Ph.D.(Ag.) degree in the discipline of Genetics and Plant Breeding. To undertake research activities in the areas of Genetics and Plant Breeding and allied areas To undertake interdepartmental and interinstitutional project works in areas of plant sciences relevant to the field of Genetics and Plant Breeding. To set programme and to participate in the process of validation of research output in the field situation.


The faculty members of the department are engaged in teaching at undergraduate and post graduate level under the semester system. In order to equip the students with the quality information and sound knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects of the subjects of Genetics and Plant Breeding, the faculty members leave no stone unturned to fulfill the stated objectives.

Field of Specialization for Masters’ Degree Programme

Major Field : Plant Breeding and Genetics

Field of Specialization for Doctoral Degree Programme    

Major Field: Plant Breeding and Genetics

Intake Capacity

M.Sc. : 6 Ph. D. : As per provision


  • The Department also undertakes research programmes on various aspects of plant science keeping in view the requirement of the Masters’ and Doctoral degree programme as well as crop specific and region specific researches on various aspects of crop improvement
 Areas of Research: a)     Genetics and Plant Breeding b)     Agricultural Biotechnology The major research activities of the department are outlined below- Varietal evaluation of rice and maintenance of CMS and restorer lines Collection, evaluation and maintenance of germplasms of rice including aromatic rice, wheat, mustard, jute and allied fibres, spices(ginger and turmeric) and mung bean and cowpea Screening of maize genotypes under different moisture regime Studying Rhizobium-genotype interaction in the soils of terai region Developing suitable in-vitro regeneration protocol in crops like mung bean, rice bean and cowpea Objective oriented in-vitro studies in crops other than the above Developing lines and characterization of endangered medicinal plants Quality seed production in crops like rice, mustard, etc. Research Projects
Sl. No. Name of the Project and Funding Agency P.I. / Co-P.I. of Department Status
1. “Arsenic in food chain: cause, effect and mitigation-(NAIP/ICAR, Component IV,). Arup Sarkar,Co-PI Completed
2. In-vitro propagation and biofarming of Anthurium (Anthurium andreanum) and Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) and transfer of technology in Terai-Dooars region of West Bengal (DBT, Govt. of India Dr. Arup Sarkar,Co-PI Continuing
3. Dissecting the 'interactome' developed at sieve element due to aphid infestation for better understanding of enhanced insecticidal effect in resistant host plant Dr. Hossain Mondal,PI Continuing
4. Quality Parameter Testing of the Acclimatized Valeriana jatamansi in Terai Zone, W.B and Mass Propagation of Valeriana jatamansi, Bergenia ciliata, and Piper longum for Distribution with Awareness Program Dr. Hossain Mondal,PI Continuing
5. Production of quality planting materials of some important medicinal plants through Identification, multiplication, supply of health elite genotypes and capacity building programme for improving rural livelihood in Northern part of West Bengal Dr. Hossain Mondal,Co-PI Continuing
6. Collection, Conservation, Digitization and Standardization of protocol for Mass Regeneration of Selected Endangered, rate and Vulnerable medicinal plants of North East Region Dr. Hossain Mondal,Co-PI Continuing

Infrastructural Facilities:

Post Graduate Lecture Hall and Seminar RoomFor class room teaching of elective and post graduate courses and for departmental seminars Post Graduate Laboratory – For practical oriented training in post graduate level and for other research support activities. Biochemical and Biotechnology Laboratory – For providing analytical facilities in biochemical and biotechnological studies(research/undergraduate and post-graduate courses) Cell and Tissue Culture Unit - For imparting training in cell and tissue culture studies and for providing facilities for various in-vitro studies.
Faculty :
Sl. No. Name Designation Contact Number E-mail Address
1. Prof. Arup Sarkar Professor +919474016823 [email protected]
2. Prof. Suvendu Kumar Roy Professor +919434872338 [email protected]
3. Dr. Lakshmi Hijam Assistant Professor +919163713059 [email protected]
4. Dr. Moumita Chakraborty Assistant Professor +918900316030 [email protected]
5. Dr. Soumendra Chakraborty Associate Professor & Head +919474092958 [email protected]
6. Dr. Saikat Das Assistant Professor- AICW&BIP +919434939334 [email protected]
7. Dr. Avijit Kundu Assistant Professor (AINP on Jute and Allied Fibres) +919433678323 [email protected]
8. Dr. Rupsanatan Mandal Assistant Professor (RRS, Terai Zone) & In-Charge, CGCU +918697668107 [email protected]
9. Dr. Bimal Das Assistant Professor +918906339773 [email protected]
10. Prof. Tulsi Saran Ghimiray Professor in Genetics & Plant Breeding & Regional Research Station (Hill Zone), Kalimpong 7797913259 [email protected]
11. Mr. Ratul Barman Assistant Professor & RRS (OAZ), UBKV, Majhian, Patiram, Dakshin Dinajpur 9932355857 [email protected]
12. Dr. Shubhrajyoti Sen Assistant Professor & Regional Research Sub-Station, Old Alluvial Zone, Manikchak, Malda +91-8013741963 [email protected], [email protected]
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