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Central Library: AN OVERVIEW

Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya (UBKV) came into being as the second State Agricultural University  (SAU) in 2001 with two faculties, Agriculture and Horticulture. The University has its origin from the establishment of the North Bengal Campus of erstwhile Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya. The satellite campus of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya was set up in 1979 at the erstwhile Gram Sebak Training Centre (GSTC) for offering B.Sc (Ag.) Honours Course for 30 numbers of Students per year. A tiny library that remained at GSTC at that time was used for the Students and teachers of the campus. In 1990 the North Bengal campus was shifted from Cooch Behar District town to Pundibari to provide more space/area for the said campus and the library was housed at the first floor of the Academic Building of Faculty of Agriculture where the present Central Library exists. A unit of Faculty of Horticulture of BCKV was established in 1997 for offering B.Sc. (Hort.) Course and thereby the strength of students was augmented. During 1999, Masters’ Degree programme was introduced in five departments from this Campus and there after in 2001 the State Govt. upgraded this Campus and established UBKV. From 2014 the intake capacity of Agriculture and Horticulture at UG and PG level has been enhanced. A Separate College of Agriculture, Majhian, Balurghat has been established. After the creation of UBKV, the library of North Bengal Campus was named as Central Library. In 2005, the third Faculty named Faculty of Technology was established for the purpose of offering B. Tech. in Agricultural Engineering with an intake capacity of 15 per year. During this course of time from 1979 to till date i.e. more than 30 years, the number of books has increased. In fact, the library has undergone a fair and steady growth and development during this span of time.

The University authority has been perceived the necessity of the University Library and gradually it took a good shape. Though originally it was housed in a single room, now it has been extended to another room and the proposal to constitute a separate library building has approved by the State Govt.


  • Providing library and information services to all students, teacher, researcher and other Regional Research Stations of UBKV
  • Maintain an effective Library and information service network in the university
  • Build up suitable information resources and appropriate infrastructure and develop databases, digital libraries, institutional repositories etc for effective information handling
  • Provide information retrieval services either on-line or offline in all areas of agricultural and allied subject and to give overall information support in all fields of knowledge.
  • Conduct library education and user training programmes for students, teachers, researcher and other users on subjects like information sources, literature search, indexing and abstracting services, ICT, computerized information retrieval and web tools etc


The newly constructed Central Library, UBKV is located in the main campus of Pundibari. The two storey building should be opened very soon and it has a total plinth 27,000 square fit and it will be emerged with suitable and advanced library system. The  library will be equipped with state of the art hardware, software, power backup and IT Labs for modern library and information services. Library provides WiFi facility, through which library users can connect their laptops and other smart devices to access e-resources as long as they like.

The library is one of the most important entities of the University, which facilitates the reading, teaching, consultation, study, research and extension programs etc. Both the faculty and students extensively use the facility the UBKV central library has therefore given key prominence to the development of the library facility at the head quarter (Pundibari) as well as College of Agriculture, Majhian and others four Regional Research Station.

 Document Resources:

The collection of information sources in print and electronic media covers all subject in the thrust areas of the university plus subjects of general interest. Since its beginning, efforts have been made to meet the requirements of teaching research and extension activities of the University and so the collection of central library has been increased moderately. The details of which is furnished below:

URKUND: Plagiarism Check for PhD Thesis:

‘URKUND’ anti-plagiarism and similarities check software is being successfully used by different faculties of UBKV. The Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya is a State Agricultural University under the jurisdiction of ICAR and the University is under the section 2f of UGC Act. It is mandatory for every thesis at the time of final submission of PhD degree.

The Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya desires to use this software free of cost from Inflibnet Centres. So, you are requested to kindly provide the same to this University at the earliest commence and oblige.

Resources & Services

Sl. No. Documents Total
1 Books:


2 Journals:

Bound Volume

3 Journals:

Indian Journals(Titles subscribed other than CeRA list)

International Journals (Three are subscribed On-line and rest subscribed as print copy other than CeRA list)





4 CeRA e-Journal consortium (now J-Gate):http://jgateplus.com More than 3000    e-journal
5 On-Line CABI  with  Full text e-Journals through on-line one user
6 Periodicals: 03
7 CAB Abstract (CD-ROM) From 1979-2013
9 PhD (Digitized) 120
10 M. Sc Dissertation (Digitized)) 205
11 Library Security: All area of library under monitoring through CC TV Camera 12 Users



15 LAN connectivity is established, moreover Wi-Fi system is also available in the central library, UBKV Multiple users
16 Book Bank for JRF JRF/NET, UPSC, GMAT, TOEFL, GATE, CAT  and for  SC/ST Students 1000


Service Provided:

  • Lending Service; including book bank(Automated)
  • OPAC
  • Reference Service
  • Display of new arrivals
  • Reprographic Service
  • Internet Service (through NKN); e-journal through CeRA & other internet services
  • Document Delivery Services through CeRA
  • Career Guidance etc

E-resources: 160 numbers of e-books are available at UBKV central library—

  1. www.asapglobe.com (e-books)
  2. www.www.nipaers.com/univebooks (e-books)
  3. www.jgateplus.com (CeRA; 2000 e-Journals)
  4. www.wileyonlinelibrary.com (e-books & e-journals)
  5. www.indiaagristat.com (Agricultural statistics)
  6. www.bestbookbuddies.com (e-Books)
  7. www.krishikosh.egrantha.ac.in (PhD/M.Sc. thesis Repository)

Department wise Book Holding List (up to, March, 2017):

Sl.No. Name of Dept. Text Books Ref. Books+Text reference Journal Magazines
Indian Foreign
1 Agronomy 3496 1152 6
2 Statistics 812 452 2
3 Extension 2531 540 3
4 Animals Sc. 896 150 1
5 Economics 3021 923 3
6 Horticulture(including veg. sc, Med. Plant, Floriculture and Plantation crops) 2768 1087 5
7 Genetics 1935 654 3
8 Microbiology 590 752 2
9 Agril Engg. 1664 400 3
10 Plant Pathology 1953 523 2
11 Forestry 2014 579 1
12 Soil Sc. & Biochem 1240 490 1
13 Agri.Ento 1620 372 2
14 Bio Chemistry 201 176
Total 24841 8150 34 3


Sl. No. Name of The Journal
1. Annals of the Plant Protection Science
2. Agricultural Engineering Today
3. Agricultural Situation in India
4. Current Science
5. Economic Affairs
6. Economic and political weekly
7. Entomon
8. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences
9. Indian Journal of Plant Protection
10. Indian Journal of Agronomy
11. Indian Journal of Arecanut, Spices
12. Indian Journal of Genetics & Plant Breeding
13. Indian Journal of Horticulture
14. Indian Food Packer
15. Indian Forester
16. Indian Journal of Forestry
17. Indian Journal of Marketing
18. Indian Journal of Fertilizers
19. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
20. Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry
21. Indian Journal of Nematology
22. Indian Journal of Extension education
23. International Journal of Agricultural Env. And Biochemistry
24. International Journal of Food & Fermentation Technology
25. Journal of Plantation Crops
26. Journal of Entomological Research
27. Mausam
28. Oryza
29. Rubber India
30. Spice India
31. Sadhana
32. University News
33. Journal of Animal Research
34. International Journal of Food & Fermentation Technology

Membership Details:

Sl.No. Types of Member Books allowed
1. University Teachers / Scientist 15 Volumes
2. University Administrative 02 Volumes
3. Ph.D Students / Research Assistant 04 Volumes
4. M.Sc. Students 04 Volumes
5. Students (UG) 03 Volumes

Different Sections of the Library:

  1. Processing Section
  2. Reference Section
  3. Old /New Book Section
  4. Reading Room For Students
  5. Reading Room For Teacher
  6. Computer Section
  7. Lending Section

Different Services of the Library: 

  1. Reference Service
  2. Reprographic Service
  3. Internet Service
  4. DDS
  5. Lending Service
  6. Career Guidance
  7. Display of New Arrivals
  8. Reading Facilities to Retired Teachers

Preservation :

  1. Binding:
  1. Mutilated Books
  2. Back volumes Journals
  1. Dusting: Dusting is done regularly

Number of library users:

Students: 80 per day

Teachers / scientists: 30 per day

Others (Officers + Staff): 5 per day

Information Processing:

The University Central Library has adopted open access System with Card Catalogues (Only author) and follows Anglo American Cataloging Rules (2nd) and Dewey decimal classification scheme catalogue of books, journals and these covering the period from its inception to up to date. Like wise it is planned to extend computerization to other activities in the library within very short period.


Library Hours:

University library is kept open from 10.30 am – 6.30 pm on all working days except Saturday and Sunday. Library house are fixed but the timing can be subjected to change from time to time according to the needs of the users or under the order of the higher authorities.



Membership of the UBKV will be opened to –

  1. Students of the Faculties
  2. Members of the University Teaching Staff / Scientist
  3. The University Administrative Officers

Book(s) may be issued to any academic special or public library of standing when a request is made under inter- library loan arranged on mutual advantage.


Regional Research Station (RRS) Libraries :

Besides the central library, 3 (Three) RRS have also maintained a collection of books and periodicals. This RRSs are-

  1. RRS, Kalimpong, Darjeeling
  2. RRS, Majhian, Dakshin Dinajpur
  3. RRS, Pundibari, Cooch Behar


Computerized Work and Service:

Digital / Computer cataloging of all central library holdings have been completed with the help of LIBSYS Software. Now we are using KOHA Library software. Full-fledged library automation is started through RFID (Radio frequency Identification).This software is very much helpful for total library management.

Soft copies of UG, PG level question papers are available in Central Library. Ph.D. & M.Sc. Thesis List, Ph.D. (hard copy & CD) are also available in the library. The University central library is cataloguing the collections of fifteen academic departments and the collections of Faculty of technology. Catalogues of all departmental holdings have already been published.


The central library regularly brings out printed list of books and journals for the information’s of all concerned / departments.

Library Administration:

A high quality in the collection is maintained with the sustained effort of the Library Advisory Committee.


Library Advisory Committee of the University:

  1. Prof. Dibyendu Mukhopadhayay,  Dept of Soil Sc. & Agril. Chemistry, Chairman
  1. Prof Prodyut Kumar Paul, Dean, Faculty of Horticulture, Member
  1. Dr. Rupak Sarkar, Dean, Faculty of Technology, Member
  2. Prof. Ashok Choudhury, Director of Research, Member
  3. Prof. Prabhat Kumar Pal, Director of Extension, Member
  4. Prof. Soumen Maitra, Teacher member
  5. Prof. Nripendra Laskar, Associate Professor, Teacher Member
  6. Prof. Ranjit Chatterjee, Teacher Member
  7. Dr. Arpita Khan Mondal, Teacher member
  8. Er. H.S. Konar, Teacher Member
  9. Dr. Tulsi Sara Ghimiary, Associate Professor, RRS, OAZ, Member
  10. Mr. Rakesh Yonzone, In-charge, College of Agriculture, Majhian
  11. Dr. Sarad Gurung, Associate Professor, RRS, Hill Zone, Kalimpong
  12. Students’ Representative
  13. Librarian/ In-charge Library, Central Library, Convener



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