From the desk of Vice Chancellor


Dr. Swarup Kumar Chakrabarti

Dr. Swarup Kumar Chakrabarti       Vice-Chancellor


It is indeed my proud privilege to serve this esteemed institution of higher learning as Vice-Chancellor. This university has already etched an indelible mark on the edifice of national agricultural research and education system (NARES) within two decades of its establishment. All my predecessors starting from the founder Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Sunil Kumar Brahamachari contributed immensely in establishing a solid foundation for this university. It will be my solemn duty to consolidate that effort and take it to the next levelof self-realization.      Read More

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Special Lecture For Students

“Real Education is that which enables one to stand on his own legs.”- Swami Vivekananda

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Huge Library For Students

Since the beginning, efforts have been made to meet the requirements of teaching research and extension activities of the University and its collection

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