Head of Departments

Sl. No. Department Name Contact No. E-mail Address
 1. Agricultural Economics Prof. Tuhin Narayan Roy +919474140702 [email protected]
 2. Agricultural Entomology Prof. Shyamal Kumar Sahoo +919735059884, 9647255868 [email protected]
 3. Agricultural Extension Prof. Prabhat Kumar Pal  +917584002617 [email protected]
 4. Agricultural Statistics Prof. Deb Sankar Gupta  +919434685759 [email protected]
 5. Agronomy Prof. Biplab Mitra  +919434502292 [email protected]
 6. Biochemistry Prof. Goutam Kumar Pandit  +919474570875 [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected]
7. Genetics and Plant Breeding Dr. Soumendra Chakraborty  +919474092958, 7687815486 [email protected]
8. Plant Pathology Dr. Prateek Madhab Bhattacharya +91 9434338238 [email protected]
9. Seed Science and Technology Prof. Bidhan Roy  +919434117057 [email protected]
10. Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry Prof. Abhas Kumar Sinha  +91 9434197828 [email protected]
 11. Floriculture, Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Prof. Indrajit Sarkar  +919434814181, 7076376613 [email protected]
 12. Forestry Prof. Amarendra Nath Dey  +919434191333 [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
 13. Plantation Crops and Processing Prof. Partha Sarathi Medda  +919474567593 [email protected]
 14. Pomology and Post Harvest Technology Prof. Prodyut Kumar Paul  +918016425515 [email protected], [email protected]
 15. Vegetable and Spices Crops Prof. Ranjit Chatterjee  +91 9434197862 / 6295993580 [email protected], [email protected]
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