Regional Research Stations

Sl. No. Name Location Jurisdiction Annual Report
1 RRS, Terai Zone Pundibari Coochbehar, Alipurduar & Jalpaiguri. Annual Report 2017-18
2 RRS, Terai Zone Kharibari Silliguri Subdivision of Darjeeling District & Islampur Sub-division of Uttar Dinajpur District  Annual Report 2017-18
3 RRS, Hill Zone Kalimpong Three Hill Sub-divisions of Darjeeling District  Annual Report 2017-18
4 RRS, Hill Zone Pedong Darjeeling District  Annual Report 2017-18
5 RRS,  Old Alluvial Zone Majhian  Dakshin Dinajpur & Uttar Dinajpur  Annual Report 2017-18
6 RRSS, Old Alluvial Zone ManikChak Malda District  Annual Report 2017-18

Regional Research System:

Sl. No. Name of Agro-climatic Zone Location Status Mandate Priority Areas
1. RRS, Hill Zone Kalimpong Lead Centre
  • Development of Hill Agriculture through use of organic, horticulture, soil water conservation, IPM, IDM etc.
  • Organic production system development.
  • Structural Horticulture specially for vegetables and flowers.
  • IPM of citrus fruit fly, citrus die back and pest management of different crops.
  • Management of ginger rot.
  • Farming System Development with crop and non-crop enterprises.
  • Soil and Water Conservation, rain water harvesting.
RRSS, Hill Zone Pedong Verification Centre
  • Horticulture system development
  • Management of Die-back of Mandarin Orange
  • Orchids & flowers-development of multiplication technique and nutritional management.
  • Medicinal plants-standization of cultivation practices.
2. RRS, Terai Zone Pundibari
  • Improvement of plant genetic resources for stress resistant tolerance breeding programme
  • Development of INM, IPM, IDM modules befitting critical diversified farming system
  • Standardization/ Development of farm fishery technology
  • Enhancing biological processes for long term sustainability
  • Animal nutrition and management
  • Crop production technology for rainfed paddy, wheat, pulses.
  • Soil-water conservation.
  • Development of horticultural system.
  • Farming system development with fishery and livestock.
  • Development of micronutrient tolerant (Bo ,Mo) varieties of wheat, cole vegetables and bacterial wilt of solanacious vegetables and bacterial blight of wheat and rice, multi-pest resistant breeding of paddy, tomato, brinjal, mustard.
  • Formulation and validation of IPM on rice, mustard, brinjal, tomato etc.
  • Development of technologies befitting diversified pattern of aqua-system.
  • Conservation agriculture in rice-wheat cropping system.
  • Multi-storied cropping system for increasing productivity and enhancing biological processes.
  • Crop modeling based on crop- weather-pest disease complex.
  • Nutritional aspects of milch animal and fishery in a system approach.
RRSS, Terai Zone Kharibari Verification Centre
  • Rainfed farming
  • Increasing productivity of Rice based cropping system
  • Plantationcrop, pine apple and vegetable.
  • Formulation and validation of IPM on rice, mustard, brinjal, tomato etc.
  • Multi-storied cropping system for increasing productivity and enhancing biological processes.
  • Crop modelling based on crop- weather-pest disease.
  • Plantationcrop development on marginally productive land.
  • Standardization of quality pine-apple for export.
3. RRS, Old Alluvial Zone Majhian Lead Centre
  • Evaluation of native effective strains of micro-flora as potential bio-fertilizer/bio-pesticide.
  • Development of fishery in a system approach.
  • Farming system development
  • Crop improvement programme
  • Rainfed farming
  • Development of INM, IPM, IDM modules.
  • Animal nutrition and health.
  • Soil water management
  • Crop modeling based on crop- weather-pest disease.
  • Paddy-cum fish culture.
  • Development in-situ water-harvesing Technology.
  • Soil-water conservation through engineering measure.
  • Genetic studies of non-bamati local varieties of paddy.
  • Developing location specific module of farming system for small and marginal farmers
  • Animal management and pararitic control
  • IPM & IDM of paddy, mustard and vegetables.
  • Cultivation techniques for rainfed vegetables including potato, paddy, maize, pulses through resource conservation.
RRSS, Old Alluvial Zone Manikchak Verification Centre
  • Intercropping under orchard system, sericulture, quality mango production technique, arsenic problem, post harvest technologies, pest-disease management
  • Varietal replacement for export potential quality mango.
  • Introduction of BV-race of mulberry sericulture.
  • Arsenic free crop production technique.
  • IPM of paddy and vegetables.
  • Rejuvenation of old mango orchard

Annual Report of RRS (Terai Zone) 2017-18

Annual Report of RRS (Hill Zone) 2017-18

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