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            After the establishment of North Bengal Campus of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya at Cooch Behar in the year 1979 biochemistry was taught under the aegis of Department of Agril. Chemistry and Soil Science. The Government of West Bengal upgraded the North Bengal Campus into a state agricultural university in the name of Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya on February 01, 2001. From that very day the Department of Biochemistry started its journey as a separate department in this university. The Department is now manned with a team of dynamic, energetic and youthful faculties, and equipped with infrastructure facilities to cater Master’s and Doctoral degree programmes. The Department invites young and inquisitive minds looking for prospects in the fields of Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemicals.


  • To impart teaching in Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemicals for B. Sc. (Ag.) Hons., B. Sc. (Hort.) Hons., M. Sc. (Ag.) and Ph. D. degrees.
  • To carry out basic and application oriented research programmes in the fields of Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemicals.


The faculty members are engaged in teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate students under the ongoing semester system of study. The motto of the faculties of the Department is to educate the students with sound knowledge in the subject and acquaint them with the latest developments in its theoretical as well as practical aspects, and also to make them confident enough to apply their learned skill in the field of their subject


The Department undertakes research programmes to fulfill the requirements of master’s and doctoral degree studies as well as need-based research projects to meet the demands of the day.

Areas of Research:

a)     Biochemistry: Biochemical analysis of crop plants with special reference to:
  • Enzymology, lipid biochemistry, chemical biology
  • Molecular functioning of plant defense pathways during biotic and abiotic stresses
 b)     Agricultural Chemicals: Chemistry of pesticides with special reference to:
  • Degradation and metabolism studies of pesticides
  • Pesticide residue analysis

Research Projects:

Sl. No. Name of the project and funding agency P.I. / Co-P.I. of Department Status
1. “Search for natural pesticides compatible with IPM and organic farming from the plant biodiversity of northern region of West Bengal”, funded by Govt. of W.B. (RKVY) P.I. Dr. G. K. Pandit Completed
2. “Detoxification of pesticides by sensitized photochemical degradation and toxicity study of their photoproducts”, funded by CSIR P.I. Dr. G. K. Pandit Completed
3. “Bio-efficacy and residue studies of some new generation molecules on different crops”, funded by Willowood Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Co-P.I. Dr. G. K. Pandit Completed
4. “Study on bio-efficacy, phytotoxicity and residue analysis of some herbicides and chemicals in different crops”, funded by Willowood Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Co-P.I. Dr. G. K. Pandit Continuing

Field of specialization for M. Sc. (Ag.) and Ph. D.:  

Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemicals

Intake Capacity:    

M. Sc. (Ag.)         : 6 (six)

Ph. D.               : As per provision

Courses Offered:

a) Undergraduate courses: Compulsory core courses offered are:
Sl. No. Course no. Title Credit hours Semester
1. BCH 201 Biochemistry-I 2 + 1 Third
2. BCH 301 Biochemistry-II 1 + 0 Fifth
3. BCH 302 Agricultural Chemicals 1 + 0 Fifth
b)      Postgraduate courses: Courses are offered in PG level as per the prescribed  Syllabus .

The department is having one well established UG laboratory and two PG laboratories equipped with necessary instruments to carry out practical classes and research works, classroom with audio-visual aids and internet connectivity.


Faculty and Staff Members of Department

Faculty Members :

Dr. G.K.Pandit Prof. Goutam K. Pandit Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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Dr. Nandita_Sahana Dr. Nandita Sahana Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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Dr. Somnath_Mandal Dr. Somnath Mandal Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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Dr. Prithusayak Mondal Dr. Prithusayak Mondal Email: [email protected] Mobile: +91 7865059101

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Dr. Deepak Kumar Dr. Deepak Kumar Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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 Mrs. Banhi Bhatachaya Mrs. Banhi Bhattacharya  Email: [email protected] Designation: Technical Assistant Grade-II  Mr.Shyamlal Sutradhar Mr. Shyamlal Sutradhar  Designation: Lab. Attendant
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