Staff attendance in any Establishments/Departments/Units under this Viswavidyalaya

Ref. No. 19/UBKV/Est. Date: 19.04.2021


In compliance with the advisory issued by Additional Chief Secretary, Home and Hill Affairs Department, GoWB vide no. 715 -Home (Cons)/RlM(Cons)-92/2021dated 17th April, 2021, it is hereby notified that the staff attendance in any establishments/departments/units under this Viswavidyalaya, where it is not possible to maintain a sitting arrangement as stipulated under Finance Department’s memo No. 1912 -F(H) dated 9th June, 2020, shall not exceed 50% on any given day. In all such circumstances, the employees will attend office on a rotational basis as may be decided by the Head of the respective establishments/departments/units. The remaining 50% of the employees in any given date shall perform their duty in work-from-home mode. All essential services including security arrangement and farm operations shall be operative as usual.

In this regard, it is to further reiterate that the instruction on station leave as notified vide no. 14/UBKV/Est. dated 13th April, 2021; shall strictly be followed. Employees who are already on station leave, are instructed to operate on work-from-home mode for seven days after returning to the station and follow the above notification before joining duty physically.

The above shall remain in force till further order in this regard.

Registrar (Actg.)

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