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Agricultural Economics

Department of Agricultural Economics


Prof. Ashutosh Sarkar
E-mail: sarkar.ashutosh@rediffmail.com
Mobile: +919475246928
 Prof. Ashutosh Sarkar


The present department of Agricultural Economics is being continuing as a component teaching organ of erstwhile North Bengal campus of B.C.K.V. since 1978 and then after w.e.f. 01.02.2001 it has been elevated to a full fledged teaching department under the Faculty of Agriculture of Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya. The primary function of the department is to provide teaching to Under Graduate and Post Graduate level as per the academic schedule of the Viswavidyalaya. Besides that the department also extends required participation to research and extension activities as sought by the Viswavidyalaya time to time. Usually teaching members of the department generously formulates and there by participates to research programmes by their individual gesture and the department provides every support to make the same fulfilled. The department also participates in providing expert ship to various Govt. programmes with due invitation from the later. However, it is an emerging department that promises to do a lot for the interest of farming community of northern districts of West Bengal in the aspect of resource planning, marketing and others.

The sanctioned teaching structure of the department is 1 (Prof.) + 2 (Reader) + 3 (Lecturer), out of which presently three positions are filled (One Reader + Two teachers), one position of teacher is going under lean and the rest positions are awaiting for fresh intake. The department is drawing teaching support from the lecturer posted under Regional Research Station. Thus, in all at present four faculties are available with the department to cater the teaching of curses at main campus.


  1.  To impart teaching in Agril. Economics and Agri./Horti. Business Management for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.
  2. To provide practical exposure through experiential learning to the students on market study, financial analysis, econometrics and production economics.
  3. To organize seminar, symposium, workshop, conference on latest sociological and economic issues.
  4. To undertake strategic, academic and action researches.
  5. To impart training for man power development and dissemination of latest technological know-how to the farming community.


The Department of Extension Education imparts undergraduate and post graduate teaching to the students under the semester system. The students are provided in depth learning both in theoretical and practical aspects of extension education. They are provided practical learning by carrying out activities pertaining to extension education methodologies and approaches. The undergraduate students are also given the exposure of field extension work under Rural Farm Work Experience programme. The Agricultural Universities in India have been successful in their primary mission of achieving phenomenal increase in agricultural productivity and gaining the confidence of our farming gentry and the agricultural graduates had played a pivotal role in this regard. With an aim to develop competent human resources in agricultural universities the ICAR had tried to introduce RAWE course in the undergraduate studies based on the findings of Randhawa committee. The course is launched as a full semester course with a motto to eradicate the inadequacies in providing required practical training and acquisition of skills by the graduates. In this RFWE programme the students are exposed to realities in farmer’s field or in agro-based industrial situations. The students are groomed through practicing agricultural diagnostic services of soil, water and plants and gaining the acumen of generating appropriate measures. Such a learning process is surely improving their organizational skill by practice, enriches their knowledge pool through collective wisdom, expands their creative faculties through repetitive analysis and interpretation and ultimately refines them as professional through sharing and interaction.

Field of specialization for M.Sc and Ph.D.:  

A PG student can option any of the following advance area of specialization for the fulfillment of his/her course.

  • Farm Management & Production Economics
  • Marketing & Price Analysis
  • Finance & Project Analysis
  • Development & Policy


Undergraduate courses:

i) Compulsory courses:

Sl.No. Course No. Title Credit Hours Faculty Semester
1. ECO 101 Principles of Agricultural Economics 2+0 Agriculture 1st
2. ECO 151 Introductory Economics 2+0 Horticulture 2nd
3. ECO 201 Agricultural Finance & Cooperation 1+1 Agriculture 3rd
4. ECO 202 Agricultural Business Management & Trade 3+0 Technology 3rd
5. ECO 251 Agricultural Marketing , Trade & Price 1+1 Agriculture 4th
6. ECO 301 Fundamentals of Farm Business Management (including Project Development, Appraisal and Monitoring) 1+1 Agriculture 5th
7. ECO 351 Production Economics & Farm Management 1+1 Agriculture 6th
8. ECO 352 Horti-Business Management 2+0 Horticulture 6th


ii) Elective Courses: Social Science Module

Sl.No. Course No. Title Credit Hours Faculty Semester
1. ECO 401 Project Development , Appraisal & Monitoring 2+1 Agriculture 7th
2. ECO 402 International Trade 2+1 Agriculture 7th
3. ECO 403 Government Policies and Programe Related to Agriculture 2+0 Agriculture 7th
4. ECO 404 Farm Planning , Budgeting and Production Economics 2+1 Agriculture 7th


 Post Graduate Courses:

Sl. No. Course No. Course-Title CreditHour Semester
Master Degree Major/Core Courses
1. AG ECON 501 Micro Economic theory and application 2+0 1st
2. AG ECON 502 Macro Economics and Policy 2+0 1st
3. AG ECON 503 Evolution of Economic thought 1+0 1st
4. AG ECON 504 Agril. Production Economics 1+1 1st
5. AG ECON 505 Agril. Marketing and Price analysis 2+1 1st
6. AG ECON 506 Research Methodology for Social Science 1+1 2nd
7. AG ECON 507 Econometrics 2+1 2nd
8. AG ECON 508 Linear Programing 1+1 3rd
9. AG ECON 509 Agril. Finance & Project Management 2+1 3rd
Minor Courses
10. AG ECON 511 International Economics 1+1 1st
11. AG ECON 514 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics 1+1 2nd
12. AG ECON 515 Intellectual Property Management 1+0 2nd
13. AG ECON 517 Rural Marketing 2+0 2nd
Supporting Courses
14. AG ECON 510 Mathematics for Agril. Economics 3+0 3rd
15. AG ECON 591 Master’s Seminar 0+1 4th
16. AG ECON 599 Master’s Research 0+20 4th
Doctoral Degree Major Courses
1. AG ECON 601 Advanced  Micro Economic Analysis 1+1 1st
2. AG ECON 602 Advanced Macro Economics Analysis 2+0 1st
3. AG ECON 603 Advanced Econometrics 2+1 1st
4. AG ECON 604 Advanced Production Economics 2+1 1st
5. AG ECON 605 Quantitative Development Policy Analysis 1+1 2nd
6. AG ECON 606 Advanced Agril. Marketing and Price analysis 2+1 2nd
Minor / Supporting Courses
7. AG ECON 608 Commodity Future Trading 2+0 1st & 2nd
8. AG ECON 609 Natural Resource  Management 1+1 1st & 2nd
9. AG ECON 610 Environmental Economics 2+0 1st & 2nd
Doctoral Seminar
10. AG ECON 691 Doctoral Seminar – I 0+1 2nd
11. AG ECON 692 Doctoral Seminar – II 0+1 5th
Doctoral Research
16. AG ECON 699 Doctoral Research 0+45

Infrastructural and support facilities available:

  1. Computer Room- Provides an exposure to computer applications.
  2. Seminar Room- Provides the facilities to organise seminer, symposium, meeting and examination.


Faculty and Staff :

Faculty :

Sl. No. Name Designation Specialisation Contact Address
1. Prof. Sateyendra Chandra Sarker Professor Agriculture Finance and Cooperation, Production Economics and Farm Management, Agril Marketing and Price Analysis, Agri-Business Management Department of Agricultural Economics
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalya
Pundibari, Cooch Behar
West Bengal-736165
Mobile: +91-9475248186
2. Prof. Ashutosh Sarkar Professor & Head Agriculture Marketing, Resource Economics, ABM Department of Agricultural Economics
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalya
Pundibari, Cooch Behar
West Bengal-736165
Mobile: +91-9475246928
3. Prof. Tuhin Narayan Roy  Professor Agril. Finance & Coop., ABM, Rural Marketing, International Trade Department of Agricultural Economics
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalya
Pundibari, Cooch Behar
West Bengal-736165
Mobile: +91-9474140702
4. Prof. Kalyan Kanti Das  Professor Production Economics & Farm Management, Project Management, ABM Department of Agricultural Economics
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalya
Pundibari, Cooch Behar
West Bengal-736165
Mobile: +91-9474520962
5. Dr. Gobinda Mula Assistant Professor Agricultural Finance and Cooperation, Marketing, Production Economics, IT Department of Agricultural Economics
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalya
Pundibari, Cooch Behar
West Bengal-736165
Mobile: +91-8116961780
5. Ms. Gunja Kumari Assistant Professor Agricultural Marketing and International Trade, Farm Management and Production Economics, ABM Regional Research Station, Terai Zone,
Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalya
Pundibari, Cooch Behar
West Bengal-736165
Mobile: +91-8016425354

 Staff Members:

Sl. No. Name Designation Contact No./E-mail
1.  Bipul Chandra Das  Record Keeper  Mobile: +91-9126102500
2.  Hitendra Debnath  Junior Laboratory Attendant  Mobile: +91-9932920884