Notice for General Instruction to the Drawing Officer of any Bill

Ref No.: 535/UBKV/COMP/FM/2023-24 Date: 11/01/2024


All concerned drawing officials [Deans, Directors, Registrar, Assistant Registrars, University Engineer (Actg.), In- Charges of outstation units, In- Charge of any declared responsibility sections/units of the University etc.]of the University are requested to maintain the following formalities and to attach the following documents at the time of submission of any procurement bill (other than Planned Major Works’ bill, TA/DA bill, Salary/Wages Bill, Student related bill, Advance Adjustment bill etc.) to the Comptroller’s Department or any Cash & Accounts Departments of the University for the purpose of payment to the eligible & confirmed beneficiary/ieschronologically. This is very important and judicious for the smooth functioning of the operational activities of the Comptroller’s Department in connection with the Financial Year 2023-24 and onwards. It is expected that all related communication will be made through proper channel.
• Duly filled triplicate (1st. for Audit, 2nd. For Accounts, 3rd. for Indenters) Drawing Bill (Draw-B) with due authentication of the Competent Authority of the concerned subject of procurement. It is to be remember that any relevant portion of this bill can not be avoided without proper reason/s.
• Supplier’s Claim Confirmation letter along with Supplier’s copy of the concerned Supply Order (SO) of the University (if any) and Vendor’s Payment details as per University Stipulated Vendors’ Payment Details Form. Vendor’s Payment Details should be verified as per the Payment T&C of the concerned SO. Any change in this respect should be authenticated by the supplier with supportive legal document and bank details. Without due confirmation, no bill can be drawn by the Competent Authority (CA) of the University for payment.
• Duly authenticated GST Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply, Claim Bill in any other form- authenticated by the concerned indenter etc (as the case may be) along with Custom Clearance Certificate (if any). If advance is given as per SO, reference of such advance payment will be submitted along with the final drawee bill.
• Duly authenticated evidence (e.g. Challan, e-way bill, Airway Bill, RC etc.) of related Store ledger / Stock confirmation, by the indenter concerned or any authorised representative of the indenter concerned along with transfer stock voucher of the Central Store of the University (if any). Delivery schedule compliance confirmation is to be submitted along with the concerned drawee bill, if such compliances are mentioned in the Delivery T&C of the concerned SO.
• Quality & Quantity Assurance Certificate from the Competent Authority of the University for Quality & Quantity confirmation
• Joint Service Quality Assurance Certificate in case of procurement of services or job contract. This may be given as per either University stipulated form or the service provider authenticated form, duly contracted by the indenter concerned.
• Photo copy of receipts evidence (e.g. TID, DCR, etc.) or lien endorsed NI (e.g. BG/FD/DD of the concerned Bid Security (EMD) or Performance Security (PS) as per GT&C of the concerned SO
• Documents for Time Extension (if any), authenticated by the consignee concerned
• Duly authenticated Warranty Certificate (if any) from the Supplier as per GT&C of the SO concerned.
• Duly authenticated certificate against the compliance agreement of the Defect Lability Period as per GT&C of SO concerned
• Administrative Approval & Financial Sanction of the subject of procurement concerned within the approved budgetary head of charges for the relevant financial year. Concerned Administrative Approval should be obtained from the Competent Authority of the University as per the relevant Delegation of Financial Power Rule, applicable herewith. Without such approval or sanction, no procurement process will be initiated. It is essential for any type of procurement process. In this context, it is relevant to mentioned that such procurement process may be made either cash realisation basis or real time credit limit realisation basis.
• Authenticated declaration of the indenter for maintaining University Procurement Policy and University fund utilisation propriety in connection with the subject of procurement concerned through drawing bill.
• Before submission of any drawee bill, relevant check list, attached in the back-end portion of the drawee bill, must be verified and judiciously applied thereupon.

Your kind response in this regard is appreciated.

Comptroller’s Department, UBKV

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