Notice regarding Audit team of CAG inspection of various on-campus or off-campus units of the University

Ref No.: – 5…. /UBKV/Comp/NT_AGWB_C_Audit_2023-24 Date: 08/01/2024


It is being informed that the AG, Audit Team of CAG, WB will visit University different on- campus or off- campus units of the University for the purpose of the conduction of the Compliance Audit for the period from 15th. Feb’2024 to 7th March 2024. Audit Programme Schedule may be extended by the concerned audit team, if the audit team (consists of four members) feels to do so. All concerned In-Charges or Nodal Officers, or Programme Coordinators of each responsibility unit (either Off-Campus or On-Campus) of the University are requested to present & ready for producing the following financial documents, files, registers etc. along with their key personnel to the Compliance Audit Team at the time of conduction of this compliance audit programme for the period ended on 31st. March 2023 in due time: –
• All Dr., Cr., Jr. Vouchers as evidential documents, arranged in chronological order
• Each Financial Year Budget Estimate, Concerned Sanction & Release orders, Treasury Control Register (if any), Expenditure Control Registers, etc.
• All Cash Book, General Ledgers, Stock Books, Stores Ledgers, Fixed Asset Registers, Salary Acquittances, Pension Disbursement Register, Statutory Remittance Control Register, Lab-Equipment Maintenance Control Register, Tour Approval for Seminar, Workshop& Symposium, Curriculum-wise Student Admission Register, Curriculum-wise Student Pass-out Registers, Student Hostel Accommodation Register, Student Collection Registers, Stipend/ Scholarship Control Register, Fellowship & Post- doctoral Associateship Control Register, Contractual Staff Salary Acquittance Register, Contractual Staff’s EPF Register, Contractual Staffs’ Attendance Register etc.
• Bill Register, Bill Objection Register, ATD Control Register, Bill for Collection Register, Cheque Book Register, Undisbursed CASH Registers, Statutory Remittance Control Register etc.
• Cost Control Register for Farm-Produces, Seed Production Control Register, Seed& Planting Material Collection Register under FPC/FPO/PPP agreements, Fuel Control Register, Vehicle Maintenance Control Register, Purchase Day Book, Sales Day Book, Stores Ledger for Critical Inputs, Labour Requisition & Attendance Confirmation Register, Farm- Implements Maintenance Control Register, Scrape Disposal Control Registers, Job Contract Cost Control Register, All Registers in relation with controlling labour and fuel cost separately, All registers in relation with the different provisions of the M W Act 1948 & the EPF &MP Act 1952 and any amendments thereof during the period of audit concerned etc.
• DCR Collection Register, DCR Stock Book, Warehouse Maintenance Control Register, Subsidy Collection Register from Governments, Project/ Programme Cost Control Register etc.
• Bank Reconciliation Statement of all operative and non-operative bank as on 31st.March of each financial year, covered herewith.
• Cash Verification Report, Stock Verification Report as on 31st.March of each financial year, involved herewith.
• Branch Remittance Reconciliation Statement as on 31st.March of each financial year, involved herewith.
• Tender Register, EMD Register, PS/SD Control Register, BG Control Register as Contingent Asset, Works Register, UBKV-Employee’s EPF Control Register etc.
• Employee’s Advance Register, HO Remittance Register, Supplier’s Advance Register (if any)
• Fixed Deposit Register as on 31st.March of each financial year, involved herewith. (if any)
• Library Books Accession Register, Student Usage Archival, maintained by the library-in-charge concerned, Library Fees & Fine Collection Register (if any), EMD Register, PS/SD Control Register, BG/FD Control Register as Contingent Nature, Library Advisory Committee Meeting Register
• Hostel Accommodation Control Register, Guest House Accommodation Control Register, Quarter Allotment Register, Guest House Collection Register, Quarter Amenities Collection Register etc.
• Register for University Student Health & Hygiene Support System, Staff’s Health & Hygiene Control Register, Staff’s Welfare Register, Student’s Welfare Register etc.
Timely submission of documents, files, evidences etc. against audit requisition or audit queries, raised by this Compliance Audit Team are essential for successful conduction of such audit in due time frame. It is to be further noted that failure to produces necessary records, documents or to respond to the clarification, sought by the audit team would tantamount to preventing a Government Officer from performing his/her duties. Any concerned Officials cannot take or sanction any kind of leave during the period of this audit except on medical ground. The undersigned brings to kind notice that the audit team would expect only professional work environment, assistance to day-to-day function and nothing else.
Your kind cooperation in this regard is quite expected and appreciated.

In-charge && AA
Comptroller’s Department, UBKV

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