Notification for Anti-ragging Squad and Anti-ragging Committee for Main campus, Pundibari

Ref. No.: 602 /UBKV/Est.(Anti-rag-167) Date : 18 August 2023


It is to notify for all concerned that the following Anti-ragging Squad and Anti-ragging Committee has been re-constituted for Main campus, Pundibari for the academic year 2023-24 and validity of the committees will be from August 2023 to August 2024. This is in supersession of the previous notification vide No. 895/UBKV/Est. (Anti-rag-167) dated 29.09.2022.
Anti-ragging Squad:
1. Prof. Sumit Chakravarty, Dept. of Forestry, F/Hort, UBKV, Convener.
2. Prof. Arup Sarkar, Dept. of Genetics and Plant breeding, F/Ag., UBKV, Jt. Convener.
3. Dr. Avijit Kundu, Asstt. Prof., AICRP and JAF, UBKV, member.
4. Dr. Somnath Mandal, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Biochemistry, F/Ag. UBKV, member.
5. Dr. Puspendu Dutta, Asst. Prof., Dept. of SST, F/Ag. UBKV, member.
6. Dr. Sibnath Basfore, Asst. Prof., Dept. of VSC, F/Hort. UBKV, member.
7. Dr. Amarendu Mondal, RS cum NSS Coordinator, member.
8. Dr. Aditi Chakrabarty, Asst. Prof., Dept. of PPHT, F/Hort. UBKV, member.
9. Dr. Mutum Preema Devi, Asst. Prof., Dept. of PPHT, F/Hort. UBKV, member.
10. Dr. Lakshmi Hijam, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of GPB, F/Ag. UBKV, member.
11. Dr. Deepa Roy, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Agril. Extension, F/Ag. UBKV, member.
12. Dr. Sankalpa Ojha, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Agril. Stat., F/Ag. UBKV, member.
13. Er. Himadri Shekhar Konar, Asstt. Prof., F/Tech. UBKV, member.
14. Er. Kingshuk Roy, Asstt. Prof., F/Tech. UBKV, member.
Anti-ragging Committee:
1. The Registrar, UBKV- Chairman.
2. The Dean Students’ Welfare, UBKV-Convener.
3. The Office-In-Charge, Pundibari Thana, Pundibari.
4. The Block Development Officer, Cooch Behar-II/ Representative of District Magistrate, Cooch Behar.
5. Nominated Member from local Media forwarded by District Information and Cultural Officer, Cooch Behar.
6. Nominated Member from N.G.O. involved in youth activities forwarded by District Welfare Officer, Cooch Behar.
7. The Dean, Post Graduate Studies, UBKV, Pundibari.
8. The Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, UBKV, Pundibari.
9. The Dean, Faculty of Horticulture, UBKV, Pundibari.
10. The Dean, Faculty of Technology, UBKV, Pundibari.
11. The Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, UBKV, Majhian, Dakshin Dinajpur.
12. Prof. Pratik Madhab Bhattacharya, Dept. of Pl. Patho., F/Ag., UBKV, Pundibari.
13. Dr. Partha Sarathi Patra, Asst. Prof, RRS (Terai Zone), UBKV, Pundibari.
14. Dr. Bimal Das, Asst. Prof, College of Agriculture, Majhian, D. Dinajpur.
15. Prof. (Mrs.) Debapriya Sarkar, Prof., RRS (TZ), UBKV, Pundibari.
16. Dr. Sabita Mandal, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of Agril. Extension, F/Ag. UBKV.
17. Dr. Arpita Mandal Khan, Asstt. Prof., Dept. of FMAP, F/Hort. UBKV.
18. Dr. Ashis Kr. Das, Assoc. Prof., F/Technology, UBKV.
19. Dr. Om Prakash Chaturvedi, Asstt. Prof., F/Technology, UBKV.
20. Mrs. Sakila Khanam, Jr. Asstt., Office of the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture, UBKV.
21. Mr. Rayajul Hasan Sarkar, Jr. Cashier, Students’ Fees Collection and Scholarship Section, UBKV.
22. One representative from present student nominated by CSU, UBKV
23. One representative from fresher student nominated by CSU, UBKV
24. One parent representative nominated by CSU, UBKV
All concerned are requested to act accordingly.

Registrar (Acting)

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