Meeting for preparing a University Maintenance Budget Estimate for the period of April, 2023 to March, 2024

Ref. No. Ref. No. UBKV/Comp. – 36/2023-24 dated 27.04.2023


All respected Higher Officials, Deans & Directors, In- Charges are hereby requested to follow the guidelines as mentioned in the following attachments for preparing a University Maintenance Budget Estimate for the period of April,2023 to March, 2024. Date of Budget Meeting- 04/05/2023 Venue of Budget Meeting- Vice Chancellor’s Conference Room, Time- 12:00 o’clock, Duration3-4 hours.
• Formation of Budget Committee of The UBKV for the FY 2023-24
• Fixation of the proposed Authority & Responsibilities of this Committee
• University Maintenance Budget Confirmation for the FY 2023-24
• Budget Estimate for Maintenance of UBKV Employee’s Provident Fund Account
• Budget Estimate for maintenance of UBKV MBF Account
• Budget Estimate of any other University Programme, which will be proposed as table agendum, by each member of this meeting
• Any necessary amendment in the head of source & application, fund codification logic & nomenclature as proposed in their budget estimate, which are not mentioned in the attachment 4&5.
• Fixation of general guidelines for implementing Process or Course of Action or Action Plan of each confirmed budget estimate of each responsibility unit of the University.

The attachments are as follows: –
1) Annexure I (For maintaining consistency with the General Procurement Process)
2) Annexure II (For General Guidelines)
3) Annexure III (For Budget Format)
4) Accounting Code of ‘Source & Application’
5) Fund Code


Notice with Annexure-I to Annexure-III || Accounting Code of ‘Source & Application’ || Fund Code

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